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If you’re contemplating a graduate degree to advance your career, GradTrek is the place to start. With over 41,000 graduate degree programs available in the US, researching and applying to graduate school has always been an intimidating and frustrating process. Until now. GradTrek is a free service that provides users with personalized recommendations of degrees and professional certificates. Searching for your ideal certificate program, masters degree, or PhD just became--believe it or not--easy, fast, and even kind of fun!

All you have to do to get started is register with an email address and answer a few questions about your preferred location, budget, and academic interests. GradTrek instantly provides free, 100% unbiased recommendations based on our proprietary database of every graduate degree from every accredited university in the United States. Along with the degrees, GradTrek provides links to sites with information you need to know before applying, including information about cities, climate, professors, and admissions requirements. There is also an "inside information" page for each degree that helps users make informed decisions about the costs and benefits of the degree for their career.

All that’s required for registration is an email address, which allows users to save their results and take notes. Try it out free on desktop, tablet or mobile at http://gradtrek.com/