Exceptional Home Healthcare Services has arrived in New Hampshire

Manchester, NEW HAMPSHIRE, September 10, 2021, The Granite House of Help LLC, a Home Healthcare Agency is excited to announce to the public that it is fully licensed by the Department of Health and Human Services.  

WHO ARE WE? GRANITE HOUSE OF HELP LLC provides several services including in-home Health Care, Respite care, Personal care, assisted care. Homemaker chore services, Advanced Personal Care, Nursing services with our professional staffing bilingual, Trained Caregivers, LNA, Licensed Nursing Assistants, LPN, Licensed Practitioner Nurse, RN, Registered Nurse, 24-hour care, and more, Level (medical and nonmedical monitored) supervision inpatient home or in a public setting and Case Managers working at patient's paces.
1. We provide personal care assistance, homemaker chore companionship, home modification, cleaning, and relocation services.
2. We help with day programs and level supervision in patient's homes and at a setting home facility.
3. Elderly Services: As part of our personal care services, we can help our elders and seniors look their best with hair care and other grooming tasks.
4. We support children and youth coping skills.
5. Transportation service to our clients through our professional staffing with an excellent driving record in a reliable vehicle fully covered.
6. Providing services for homebound, certified by Provider (Doctor or Psychologists) that your patient is homebound, and needs service.
7. Case Management by resourcing our clients to overcome the challenge on their goals.
We have seen an important demand in New Hampshire for home care services, “Families want a home care agency they can trust.
GHH services are designed to our core values: Customer Commitment, Quality, Integrity, Respect for People, and Independence
           They want skilled caregivers that exercise compassion and respect pandemic guidelines. GHH possesses compassionate staff and talented caregivers who do care professionally with dignity and respect to our clients, and most of all, they want to know we will be there for their loved ones”.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR REFERRALS OR YOU CAN CALL US on Tel: 6039358199 cellphones 6037608715. 1100 Valley Street Suite #4 Manchester NH 03103. adm@granitehh.com Website: www.granitehh.com

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