Gray Matters Alliance LLC was created to promote patience, tolerance and empathy. Our mission is to provide services that keep seniors safe and connected.

Gray Matters Alliance LLC helps seniors retire from driving with dignity by providing enhanced self-assessments in the senior's home including cognitive and driving exercises. We determine whether your senior loved-one should still be driving and if not come up with alternative solutions to allow them to maintain their independence.

Our Family Empowerment sessions are meant to arm you with the tools and confidence needed to help your loved-one make a smooth transition from the driver's seat to the passenger seat.

Gray Matters Alliance also provides senior home and community technology for telehealth, activity monitoring, and family connectedness.

Our workshops allow participants to experience the aging journey first hand through simulated activities while having the same limitations that many seniors experience.

We provide community presentations to groups and provide CEU credits to professionals.

We serve the St. Louis and Illinois areas.