What We Do
Our Natural Resources Division (Graystone Mining) locates and extracts mineral deposits for refining through the acquirement of properties where proven or probable mineral ore reserves have already been discovered.

Where We Work
Our Natural Resources Division operates in Peru, a wildly diverse country rich in natural resources. We are diligent in employing environmental conservation strategies that help protect the ecosystem and physical landscape.

“One of our company’s goals is to have a positive environmental impact on the local communities that are touched by The Graystone Company. We want that impact to include conservation and protection of natural resources. We are looking to find environmentally friendly ways for our company to conduct operations in the area.”

– Graystone CEO Paul Howarth

How We Do It
We employ a variety of mining methods in order to maximize our search for gold and other precious metals. Our methods include:

• Placer mining     • Trommel Mining
• Sluice Box Mining     • Deposits, including Residual, Alluvial, and Bench deposits
The Social Dynamic
The Graystone Company is the single largest private employer in our area. We currently employ 8 local villagers, and at the time of our bulk testing, we employed as many as 25 local villagers. We firmly believe in establishing our company as a fixture within the community, providing jobs and a sense of local pride within the surrounding populace. Graystone Mining has also happily donated school supplies to the local village of Borja.