Artisan Producers of Wild Venison Charcuterie.
We are a small artisan producer based in the Highlands of Scotland, and produce Charcuterie made with wild venison sustainable sourced from our area. All our products are handmade with only pure wild venison, and organic spices and herbs.

Our products are unique as we make salami with the use of only wild venison. We do not add pork fat and produce a very different take on salami. Our products are a lean product compared  to the traditional salamis available and also appeal to customers who don't want to eat pork.  We use very specific traditional fermenting technics to create an unique tasting product.  

Our  range of cured products, includes venison salami's, venison pepperoni, venison chorizo and smoked venison.  Our venison Chorizo and Green Pepper Salami both won 2 gold stars in the Great Taste Awards 2010 and all our products got a lot of positive feedback from well known chefs at the Good Food Show in Birmingham last year. We were shortlisted in the Scotland Food and Drink Excellence awards 2011 were we received very positive feedback of our products. Our Venison Bresaola was described as "stunning". Our Chilli Venison Chorizo was awarded 2 stars at the Great Taste Awards 2011

Our green Pepper Salami was awarded Best Charcuterie product in the UK at the Great Taste Awards in 2013.

We sell our products sliced and pre packed but also sell whole salami's and chunks to slice for the catering industry. Our pre packed products have a three month shelf life. They do not contain any pork and are gluten, wheat and egg free.

Great Glen Game products are sold in a quality outlets such as farm shops, deli counters and food halls including Fortnum and Mason and House of Bruar. Our chorizo is used on the menu in a 2 star Michelinn restaurant.