United For A Sustainable America (a Non-Profit Organization) helps promote the business case for sustainability.  UFASA does this through different avenues:  green business summits, international outreach, and alliances.  UFASA has been hosting Green Business Summits throughout the country and internationally. At these Green Business Summits, UFASA brings together a collaboration of green and renewable vendors, products, companies, and key figures in the green movement. Keynote Addresses are presented on current and important subjects in the sustainable arena.

UFASA also has partnered up internationally with companies to help provide sustainable and efficient energy options in Haiti after the recent earthquakes and cholera outbreak.

United For A Sustainable America is also partnered up in several sustainable strategic alliances in Education, Healthcare, Sustainable Governing, and Farming alliances.  

More information on all of our outreach can be found at the following websites:

United For A Sustainable America (www.ufasa.org)
New Beginnings For Haiti (www.newbeginningsforhaiti.org)
Green Business Summit (www.greenbusinesssummit.org)