Green Econometrics is a research think tank that delivers research, consulting, the mapping of performance metrics that align to business objectives; and, analytics dashboards. The firm focuses on sustainability & process optimization.

Our team of research architects, data scientists, designers and programming professionals conduct an end-to-end analysis of your current systems and objectives. Then, we create business intelligence and sustainability process ‘blueprints,’ specific to your company/agency needs. Paired with a custom-designed, web-based front-end, our research and analytics reporting and dashboards will dramatically improve business process efficiency by constructing a framework for continuous process improvement. We believe companies can optimize sustainability and operating efficiencies by integrating people, data, process, and intel. Companies can improve operations, strategic planning and data-driven decisions with the right tools, talent and solutions in a data analytics framework. Our mission is to integrate solutions and engineer processes for disruptive abundance thereby improve health, safety and resource efficiency. We want to engender the best practices for: – air – water - food – energy…. Call us now to find out more.