Green Education On Line (GEOL) has educated over 6,000
professionals in classroom delivery and limited on line delivery platforms over the last 6
years on green building basics, water conservation, waste management, sustainability planning and green business practices in industry specific formats.
GEOL has researched and owns an established library of over 400 hours of content, while continuing to add pertinent material. The catalog of content contains guidance in the merits of green buildings, waste management concepts, developing in house energy plans and providing knowledge that will result in energy savings, improved health and financial benefits for all entities government and private, regardless of their size.
Each training module we present provides information and direction for facilitating,
developing and implementing key sustainability initiatives. Resource materials, such as
worksheets, real life case studies and interaction, reference materials, and website
information is provided with each module. These training modules deliver practical, hands-on application for each topic. topics are directed to the adult learner in both government and industry. Topics will include waste
management, corporate social responsibility, green building and renovation practices and training in the understanding of standards and certifications to be aware of.
Our content encapsulates a complete program designed for an understanding on all levels within all learning environments. We educate online on topics covering:
* Green Systems and Products
* Sustainability Planning Concepts
* Carbon footprint transparency
* Profit by Embracing Environmental Stewardship
* Energy Planning
* Fuel efficient Transportation? Greener Fleet Management
* Life Cycle Analysis
* Green building basics
* Waste management
* Green purchasing concepts
* Water conservation
* Environmental accounting principles