The Green Party is a value-based (see 10 Key Values below) and platform-based (see Green Party Platform at www.gp.org) political party seeking to promote a deep democracy by working for peace and community, social justice, the preservation of a safe and healthy environment for generations to come, and the wise use of public assets (such as parks and the airwaves) for the common good. Above all, we seek to make concrete steps (ecological and social) NOW to ensure a good future for ourselves and others.

The Green Party takes no corporate money, and with a bottom-up vision, we are always in touch with the issues that are most relevant to our neighbors and members.

The Green Party of Florida seeks to put people over politics in the Sunshine State. With our key values and platform as guides, we work for political change and education. We fought alongside other groups in gaining ballot access in Florida; we will run knowledgeable, honest and ethical candidates for office.

An informed political alternative, we bring together the efforts, energies, and visions of Green Groups across the state which sponsor information and education campaigns on issues of local, regional, national and global concern.