At Green Solution Group, our mission is "to provide your landscaping and lawn care companies with a complete, top-of-the-line workforce management product." We are dedicated to helping you improve operational efficiency in all areas of your business, particularly throughout the bidding process. Simplify your business structure, organization, and interaction with this easy-to-use solution that connects every part of your business seamlessly.

--The Office Manager sees the full picture of the entire business including daily work orders, the schedule, customer appointments, and billing. Most importantly, Green Solution Group provides an entire bidding component, allowing you to accurately and quickly produce estimates, give quotes to customers, and keep your pricing competitive and dynamic.
--The Dispatch team sees the planned schedule, its current progress, and swiftly reacts to changes.
--The Field Technician sees their scheduled work and all necessary details on their smartphone or tablet such as when, where, the type of work, skills needed, and the customers’ details. They can also provide accurate, complete estimates to customers with a bidding system that does the calculations for you, removing any chance of human error.
--The Sales Person sees complete customer information on their iPad (or other tablet) knowing the customer’s exact requirements even before they attend the sales call.

You get all of this, and more, with Green Solution Group. Designed and tested by landscape company owners, Green Solution Group has taken all the operational pain points that landscape, installation, maintenance, and lawn care companies suffer from, and built a solution that solves these issues. With easy-to-use functionality, customizable interfaces, and the only comprehensive bidding solution on the market, Green Solution Group is your go-to solution for an efficient, productive, and successful company. Sign up for a demo of this revolutionary solution today.