The Green Spiders patented design allows it to work in conjunction with your present parking lot lighting controller (photo-cell, time clock or remote energy management system). It installs on any multiple fixture lighting pole in minutes.

Once installed, the Green Spider automatically allows all fixtures to operate normally during heavy traffic hours. At a predetermined interval, the Green Spider turns off up to three individual 1000 watt fixtures and leaves one remaining fixture illuminated for both code and security. At dawn, the Green Spider resets itself for the next day's lighting cycle.

The Green Spider is UL Certified in the US & Canada in all voltages; 480, 277, 240 and 208vac.

The Annual cost to illuminate a 4 headed, 1000 watt pole is more than $2,098.00.*  

*Save you over $800 per year. *
*Can pay for itself (ROI) in less than 4 months.
*Help you maintain your Local Lighting Codes and Provides Security during non-peak hours.
*Extend the Life of your Lighting Equipment.
*Reduce your Maintenance Costs.

The Green Spider's Patent Pending design... Saves Money... Saves Energy... Helps the Environment.