GreenTechBuyer is an online resource for homeowners, businesses and real estate professionals to learn about their green technology options and find the best companies to work with for their own green technology projects. The main homepage introduces the site and guides visitors to the appropriate sections of two sub-pages: GreenTechBuyer.org/Resources and GreenTechBuyer.org/Buyers.

The Resources page contains in-depth educational tools for exploring what green technologies and incentives are available for your property and needs. This includes an extensive green glossary, analysis of various green technology concepts and subsidies, ROI calculators, exclusive whitepapers and case studies as well as discussion forums debating the latest issues facing the green technology industry.

The Buyers page enables visitors to shop around for top companies to help them conduct their own green technology project(s). After submitting the information about their property and the goals for their renewable energy or energy efficiency project, GreenTechBuyer matches visitors with top local companies who will contact them and compete for their business. It's a free service helping homeowners and real estate professionals shop around with confidence for green technology projects.

The company is privately owned and headquartered in Chicago, IL.


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