Green World Products manufactures a product called DE-OIL-IT, which has the unique ability to convert petroleum waste to an inert form of air, water and carbon. It does this by breaking the breaking the hydrocarbon chains rendering them to be no longer bio-available. The by-product is simply reintroduced back into the echo system as the natural enzymes complete the cycle. DE-OIL-IT is safe, non toxic and totally biodegradable. It is not harmful to plants, aquatic life, wild life or the water column.

Green World's markets include the marine, automotive, aviation, household, janitorial, industrial, emergency, remediation, wildlife and the oil spill containment industries. They sell direct to the public as well as to retail and wholesale establishments. To reach these markets, Green World uses a combination of web based technology, driving traffic to their site, web affiliate marketers and also employs a specialized team of independent sales associates.

With petroleum waste becoming more and more of an issue, an ever growing "green" conscious society, and DE-OIL-IT's ability to safely deal with hydrocarbon remediation, Green World claims that the market potential is incalculable. Additionally, with no other product on the market to compete with, they predict its future growth to be nothing short of explosive.

Michael Fitzgerald, founder and CEO of Green World Products says that they are looking for more affiliates, sales professionals, and strategic partners to help market DE-OIL-IT to bring a responsible global solution for the planets hydrocarbon problems.