Greencoin is the Future of Cryptocurrency‼️

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♻️Created on 1/1/2022 Greencoin's goal is to become the world's leading currency. A renegade Cryptocurrency created in the spirit of Bitcoin, Greencoin solves the problems of scalability and processing plaguing cryptocurrency today.

✅No relying on institutionalized megatrading platforms with the upcoming release of Greencoin application v0.0 secure verifiable transactions with the following revolutionary protocol:

-Fee Free Transactions
-Instant Verification
-Minimal CPU Usage
-All-in-one Application
-ONLY 1 new coin every hour
-passive income to all users

Get ahead of the curve and check out Greencoin below
Twitter: Greencoin_
Whitepaper: github.com/wangyongchan/Greencoin
Telegram: Greencoin_crypto