greenewall is a post and panel landscape wall system invented in 2008 and patented in 2010. It is composed of SIP structural insulated panels specially hardened for outdoor use, locked between embedded stell posts.The mineral-based surfaces of the system are impervious to weather, pests, and mold for longterm durability.

greenewall's management team includes two individuals with combined 37 years in panel systems production and deployment. The inventor and founder is Robert Hodgson and marketing director is Jack Coleman.

The horrific firestorms that devastated whole towns in CA in 2018 brought greenewall's other major quality to prominence: it is inherently fire-resistant. FEMA, Cal Fire and UC Berkely authorities all agree that fireproof barrier walls are added protection in high-risk fire zones. But they have only recommended steel, concrete or masonry walls which are expensive and not necessarily complementary to existing architecture. greenewall may be installed quickly and at considerably less cost.

The product now has over 100 successful installations and very happy customers, as evidenced by multiple testimonials on the website www.greenewall.com.

Inquiries should be directed to info@greenewall.com or 775.600.8300.