Independent Digital Creator, Songwriter & Composer: Gregory Kemmis is an established writer in multiple aspects. Specializing in audio/visual production and strategic communications, compelled with experience and purpose, he excels as a self-made D.I.Y.

Kemmis became a lyricist as early as 17 years old. Around that time, he studied a wide range of skills throughout 12 years, with some college, a High School Diploma and a specialized niche of skills by 31 years old, in 2017.

Within that year, he became familiar with songwriting, editing, distribution, and similar processing (and patience) after countless efforts towards sound engineering and revisions. During the same year, Kemmis made an autobiographical/docudrama series called "The One By One Documentaries."

Kemmis was compelled to help the public reach their eye-opening purpose with what turned into 26 episodes over 3 years of production, retaining hope to distribute the series as a complete season. Efforts are still being attempted as an ongoing process.

In 2023, after multiple unsuccessful attempts at distribution and a budget of less than $1000 total for the entire production, while he eventually didn't achieve optimal results then, Kemmis built his new adaptation of "The One By One Documentaries" by including high-quality screenshots from the series and a thorough breakdown of what his life-changing lessons really meant from a public and personal level, by completing his first book.

His creation was named after the series, while retaining skills of strength and optimism within his mindset to provoke critical awareness and emotional survival, as a leadership strategy for readers and their teenage dependents.

Overall, Kemmis is a multi-talented founder, who's built a foundation before he realized or understood what his ranges of talents were. His goal and purpose is to become more of a role model to audiences (targeting males and females, 14-34... with a keen sense towards young adult men) by creating works and services, equipping them with comprehensive thinking and teaching others to ask and answer the hard questions needed within themselves.

With a keen sense of songwriting, artistic production, vocabulary, communication and appropriately applied critical awareness Kemmis' mission is to direct people towards better positions in life.