Grepcode.com is a search engine built by developers for developers to search and browse open source Java projects.

Compared to existing alternatives, Grepcode takes code search to a whole new level, increasing Java programmers' productivity many-fold. In addition to syntax highlighting and Javadoc rendering, Grepcode provides access to the outline view and type hierarchy of Java types. Users can very quickly find dependent and depending projects for a particular project version. Grepcode also allows users to navigate to function bodies from the caller functions. If you have ever wished to check that line of source code in a third party jar that was responsible for an exception, and hesitated downloading and installing the project source in your IDE, Grepcode is for you. No downloads. No installs. Millions of lines of Java code to search and browse at your fingertips at http://grepcode.com.

Grepcode is brought to you by a team with several years of Java programming experience. They share a common passion to create state-of-the-art tools for programmers to help them excel.