The Griffith Dispute Resolution Center takes great pride in its ability to provide large corporations, insurance companies, and other organizations with fair and less costly alternatives for resolving legal disputes.

Whether that dispute concerns product liability, patent litigation, insurance coverage, a class action lawsuit, professional negligence or any other type of complex commercial litigation, Griffith Dispute Resolution Center understands the need to maintain control over spiraling costs and cases that never seem to reach conclusion.

As a lawyer, mediator and arbitrator, James L. Griffith brings over 50 years of experience to the challenge of helping parties involved in complex litigation achieve fair resolution to their disputes. Respected equally by both corporate America as well as insurance companies, Griffith’s understanding of mediation, binding arbitration and non-binding arbitration has saved such organizations millions in attorney fees, expert witness expenses and costs related to never-ending appeals.

Law truly does work best when it’s fair. And when it’s fair, it’s most often less costly as well.