About Social Bargaining
Groop Swoop created the concept of “Social Bargaining” to describe the way in which users benefit from its services.  The idea is simple: leverage social networks to relay discounts on local products and services to users for free.  This in turn allows the participating businesses to maximize their marketing efforts and create a new customer base in Groop Swoop’s rapidly growing online community. Together with the power of social media and local business, everyone wins when Groop Swoop is involved.  

About Groop Swoop
Groop Swoop is the company devoted to bringing incredible deals to San Francisco locals.  Founded in 2009, Groop Swoop is redefining the merchant/consumer relationship by the use of Social Bargaining – a concept used to describe how Groop Swoop brings the best local deals to consumers through social networks.  Groop Swoop is dedicated to giving merchants access to the local community via the social Web, in return for an exclusive discount on their services that customers will not find anywhere else.  Based in Emeryville, California, Groop Swoop aims to help the local economy thrive bringing the community together, by through offering exciting new products and services to try at incredible discounts.  Deals can be found at www.groopswoop.com.