Group 4 Support is a nonprofit organization that holds support groups as well as one on one private sessions. By reaching out and helping people address those bumpy stages in life and smooth through those transitions whether it’s in your personal or in your professional life. We will encourage individuals and groups to draw on their own wisdom and experience, acknowledging that most often, people have the answers inside them, waiting to be tapped.  With passionate optimistic communication, we can change minds and move mountains. We strive to bring awareness to individuals who are not aware of this assistance in their very own back yards. The future does not have to resemble the past; we can create the future we want. All parties will be treated with respect, dignity, compassion, integrity, honesty and humanity.

                                                    MISSION STATEMENT
At Group 4 Support our mission is to ensure the community that our support groups and our work with individuals will provide a nonjudgmental and safe environment for someone who needs to talk about intensely personal issues, experiences, struggles, and thoughts. The gift of giving and helping others always enriches peoples lives as it continues to unfold ones own human qualities and personal development.  We aim to ensure, that through our support we all have the means to make our world a magnificent place.

                                                     VISION STATEMENT
The vision for our community is to reach beyond ourselves by building a continuous wave of collective strength. Individuals will experience growth through choice and participation within diverse support groups, while affirming their uniqueness. Community participation is where we can learn and grow together effectively by recognizing the full potential of every person.

By creating an amazing vision for our communities, we need to work in a way that reflects effective mutual values. These values and accountability flow on to our team members, volunteers and general public. Group 4 Support offers an array of support groups and welcomes the opportunity to work together with you around your challenges in life, assist you as an individual, family or couple, and to uncover available but challenging ethical choices.

                                                        COMPANY OVERVIEW
Group 4 Support is a nonprofit organization that relies on community participation. Among individuals we serve, we aim to ensure Self-Worth and Dignity of each Person that comes through our doors. Thank you for the opportunity to provide us with serving and supporting your community needs.

                                                                 OUR VALUES
Maintain Confidentiality - Operate With Responsibility And Integrity - Challenge Conventional Thinking - Build And Form Open Honest Relationships - Get Involved, Go The Extra Mile, Serve Your Community - Learn From Failure And Move On - Strive To Exceed Goals Through Continuous Improvement In Self - We Can Complain About Change,Or Make It Work In Our Favor - Acknowledge The Needs Of Others - State Your Own Views Honestly And Openly - Use Humor Appropriately To Demonstrate An Ability To Laugh At Oneself -  Encourage And Motivate - Use Every Opportunity As An Area To Learn Something New - Love Who You Are And See The Beauty In Your Surroundings -
Committed To Improving Ourselves Always - Practicing Kindness Toward Yourselves And Others - Gain Self Respect Through Discipline, And Dedication - Live And Strive For A Balanced Life - Promote Fairness In Decision-Making  Dedicated To High Ethics, Standards And Morals

                                                         GENERAL INFORMATION
Group 4 Support offers individual and group sessions on various essential topics. Being part of a support group gives an opportunity for individuals to learn from each other; as you observe others struggle with similar issues and challenges that you may confront in your own life. You will feel good about yourself as you help other group members through personal experience and feedback. So whether you want guidance through a private session, or a support group, the benefits are limitless.

Please check our website and Facebook page for the latest updates and information on all of our groups, special events, virtual volunteering opportunities, court ordered accommodations, and one on one support. Remember you must RSVP.
If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, or need to complete court ordered community service hours, please call our office to speak with a facilitator.  

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