GrowByData is an AI-driven big data firm that focuses on offering our customers with high-quality SKU level data. We serve retailers and manufacturers with product data and insights to excel in digital marketing. Retailers, brands, advertisers, merchandising managers and pricing experts utilize our data and insights to price correctly, select the right products and advertise effectively on Google, Bing, Facebook, and other channels. We serve leading brands in apparel, shoes, outdoor & cosmetics.

We were established in March 2014, are headquartered in Boston and have a large office in Kathmandu. We utilize experts in retail, digital marketing, software engineering, data engineering, data sciences, cloud computing, data sciences, project managers and quality experts to deliver high-quality SKU level comparative data at scale. We utilize leading software, algorithm and cloud capabilities offered by Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, Atlassian and others to consistently deliver quality solutions to our customers at scale. We utilize techniques in computer vision and deep learning with human intelligence to generate unique insights offer Product & Pricing Data and Insights.