Grow My Brand offers one-on-one and group coaching programs to provide the level of support and strategy you need to reach your next level of business. We help you put systems and strategies in place so that you can focus more on working on your business than in it.

About Our Director

Our chief Business Strategist and Productivity Coach, Angel Santos, is an Extra-Ordinary RESULTS! achiever. She makes it a PRIORITY to get RESULTS! for clients and herself. She started her career in marketing in 2004 by doing photography and website design for NASA. She has used her knowledge of verbal and non-verbal communication to write for the Houston Chronicle, TheNest.com, Body&More magazine, Home InStyle magazine and more.

She has boosted the marketing efforts of PBS Emmy-Award winning producer/host Patricia Gras, and continues to work with 6 and 7 figure businesses to boost their bottom line and achieve Extra-Ordinary Results!

Angel has created and implemented marketing strategies for companies such as NASA, March of Dimes, and Texas A&M University, and worked for companies like ABC and PBS. She now uses her knowledge of profit and non-profit business strategies to turn your business idea into a profitable venture, and to take your existing business to the next level.