Guardian Wireless is the security solution for you. Each of our wireless security alarm systems are individually designed and integrated with wireless technology and require simple installation. Our products help prevent loss or damage (such as theft/burglary, fires, floods) to your property. What's more, you will recieve customer courtesy calls and complete support.

Take the worry out of property ownership! You are at the right place if you are looking for:

   * RV security, trailer security, and similar vehicle security
   * Boat security, yacht security, and similar marine security
   * Job site security, and similar construction site security
   * Tool security (be it for tool boxes, tool cabinets, and other tool storage devices)
   * A portable security alarm system
   * Customized security systems (Yes, we provide custom development and manufacturing of wireless security devices to suit your needs)

Security System Features

   * No land line is needed to receieve phone calls
   * Wireless sensor technology avoids sensor line disconnection
   * Archive your recorded history via the internet for up to 4 years
   * Send/receive daily status messages
   * Retrieve GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates and status via the internet 24/7
   * Arm/disarm units via the internet 24/7
   * Calls up to three different phone numbers, with an automated event specific message
   * Securely access your contact information, history of events, and control panels via the internet
   * Customized security systems to fit your specific needs
   * Flexible monthly service plans