However, if you are still confused between renting or buying furniture for your home, this article will help clear the air up.
#1 Buying Is Not Always Expensive
For those with enough money, buying is often more sensible. You’ll get to own the product and use it the way you want or sell it or do whatever you want with it. Furniture from high-end design houses can get quite expensive. This is why we recommend shopping from startups like Guarented. We’re super customer-focused and we have priced everything in such a way that even the tightest of budgets would find us affordable.
#2 Renting For Extra Flexibility
If your budget is pretty tight and if you see no sense in owning household stuff just yet, renting is definitely the best option for you. You only have to spend a few hundred and you’ll get to use quality furniture as if you owned it. And that’s not all, if you rent from Guarented, we’ll provide free relocation as well! So if you shift to a new place within Bangalore city limits, we’ll move the furniture you rented from us for free!
#3 Experimenting With Decor Themes?
Well not everyone has a clearly etched idea about what their home should look like. Especially if they just started living independently. Such folks find it super convenient to rent cheap furniture and play around with a few themes before they finalize one. Renting gives you that luxury without being too heavy on your pocket.

If you and your better half are still figuring out how your home should look, we definitely recommend renting. In fact, if you rent from Guarented, you can just furnish your entire home in under a few clicks. We have awesome combos for 1,2,3 and 4 bhk homes and all of you need to do is rent the whole package as is.
#4 Buying Is Best For People Who May Stay Put In One Place
If you plan to stay in Bangalore for a few years at least, then buying definitely makes sense. And when we say one place, we also consider relocation within the same home irrespective of whether you change jobs. People in Bangalore tend to set up their homes within a 5 km radius of their office. If you won’t be doing it, buying is best.
#5 Combine Both: Buy What You Rent
This is a unique perk offered by Guarented. Through a policy called Rent-To-Own, we allow our customers to buy furniture they have been renting from us. Each time you make your monthly rent payment against a particular product, a portion of that goes towards its sales price. So the longer you’ve been renting a product, the lower will be its buying price. You could consider renting as a trial period of sorts before you actually commit and buy the product.