Vince Guarino is a proven problem-solver, with experience in real estate marketing research, marketing communications campaigns, advocacy for development and public process testimony in behalf of land entitlement.  Guarino has the ability to build coalitions, identify resources, develop consensus, and achieve desired outcomes. He is motivated by new ideas, developing relationships, and untapped potential. Specific professional experience includes:  Representing every major land use application in Monterey County, CA for eight years i.e. East Garrison Partners, LLC, HYH Butterfly Village, Rancho Canada Community Partners, LLC, and Mills Ranch, mixed use planned communities slated to build 3,030 new homes and businesses in Monterey County. Project leader on aspects of the development of Pennzoil Place in Houston and a team member on the acquisition/transition of ownership of the 700,000 acre Vermejo Park Ranch, NM.
His marketing communications have won multiple awards for media production and campaigns including the Gold Quill Award, Gold Cindy, Edgar Kennedy Award, and Best of Texas Award.
Vince Guarino has owned and managed investment property in Texas and Colorado.