Amura Infotech is happy to herald a new website called guideforseo. The site has been designed to try and give a fresh outlook to professional SEOs who are looking for

information on the concept of Search Engine Optimization and all its related areas. The primary aim of the new website is to be able to pay attention towards learning

and helping SEOs to learn better.

Speaking about the website launch, Ranadhir Reddy, Founder, Amura Infotech, said “We believe that this is one of the most important strides for us to be of direct help

to all kinds of SEOs, whether they are professional or amateurs ones. We want to help guide them through our new website.

“We trying to focus that customers/users looking for more advanced information will be able to access our website and fetch information easily. Our website showcases

on what we want to provide and how it is provided so that SEOs feel that they are getting what they want” added Mr. Reddy.

According to the company, search engine optimization is an iterative procedure that can get started anytime, anywhere, without much demand on one’s time. More often

than not it will begin with keyword search, particularly when you’ve yet to construct your website and generate introductory content. Key phrases or key words assist

you to classify exactly who your current market is in addition to what that market wants.

As part of the company’s new initiative, this new website comes as part of the services Amura Infotech is glad to offer to all SEOs, whether experienced or amateurs.

The new website Guideforseo.com will guide you on the subject of how you build your website, blog, and exactly what content you wish to generate, and how that content

is created.

Focusing on issues of “correct” and “viable” information/guide provided to SEOs online, the company wishes to debunk the basic principles that are involved in the

process of search engine optimization. All the info on SEO is specified reasonably and that it seeks to build a solid foundation for any SEO to understand and carry it


That said, search engine optimization is generally categorized into 5 different aspects:
•     Keyword research
•     Search engine friendly site development
•     On-page SEO
•     Link Building
•     Analytics

Every one of them is vital and they just all work together. The whole is superior to the sum of the actual components.
Please feel free to check the newly launched website.

For more information about us, please do visit guideforseo.com