GUL IRANPUR has recently been certified as a Premier Luxury Marketing Consultant. This certification is only awarded to the top Real Estate Agents in the country who complete an intense training program learning how to market and sell luxury properties for top dollar, and successfully pass a post training exam Less than 1% of all agents nationwide have received this designation. GUL IRANPUR has been serving the community of LA HABRA AND SURROUNDING CITIES since 1999 As a Premier Luxury Marketing Consultant, GUL IRANPUR has completed intense training to be able to market luxury properties based on the unique assets that make the property one of a kind and find the ideal buyer for whom the property is a perfect fit. By no longer focusing on selling the property based on the standard assets (bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, locations, etc) GUL IRANPUR has shown that her unique marketing skills secure buyers at a much higher rate than traditional home sales, therefor selling homes faster and for top dollar. GUL IRANPUR focuses her time on narrowly targeting the most ideal buyers and has significantly reduced the amount of time that her listings are available. “We have found that luxury properties are so unique and special that traditional real estate sales techniques just don’t work. At Premier Luxury Marketing Consultants™ we quickly found that if we focused our efforts targeting and finding buyers who are looking for these unique properties we were much more successful” s