GuruCul is a leading provider of Information Security Risk Intelligence Solutions. GuruCul products improve risk, threat, and compliance postures by applying a unique identity centric approach of correlating identity, activity, and access information to provide actionable data and prioritized alerts. GuruCul has developed industry's most advanced patent pending algorithms for behavior risk profiling and analyzing trends, to detect threats and anomalous behavior. The GuruCul Risk Analytics platform helps organizations efficiently protect intellectual property and regulated information.  
GuruCul Risk Analytics Capabilities:
•     360 view of user Identity, Access, and Activity Profile Information
•     Advanced Identity, Access, and Activity Analytics
•     Insider and Advanced Persistent Threat Detection
•     Risk Based Access Controls
•     Privileged & Shared Account Monitoring
•     Identity and Access Intelligence
•     Risk Based Compliance
•     Activity Self Audit Statements
•     Forensic / Investigation Assistance
•     Intelligent Roles Based Access