Ever been in a situation where you didn’t know who to call during a incident or just in need of daily help for a job, or need a service done? Instead of going to YellowPages and finding a business you can eliminate that using the Guy! app/website interference.

What is Guy!?

Guy! is a website and iPhone application which the user can search a category or topic (i.e Plumber Service near me or near XXX Address.) The website/app will then pull up profiles of users who fit in the category with reviews, pictures of previous work, contact info, and experience. Your not calling “CNJ Plumbing Service” your calling John who is a worker for them or just a free lance contractor or worker. You can develop relationships with people, which can lead to long term savings. For a user to be put into Guy! they have to meet qualifications, or show certifications so the user is only getting licensed individuals for jobs or services needed.

Guy! Employment Solutions

Another great aspect of Guy! is that employers can use it to have pools of potential employees at their disposal at anytime. Simply submit a “Area of Interest Test” (A test or quiz which the user would answer questions pertaining to the job based on how well the user does they are ranked, their can be daily quizzes or how ever many the business may need. From those results they can determine who the best person is to enroll in their employment process.) This also may be useful for internships.*

Guy! Small Business Solutions

Guy! is a great tool for small businesses if you need someone at anytime to fill a shift, or even just to hire on short notice, you will have a list of people in your area with reviews about the user from other businesses along with brief resume, recent photograph and personality test results.

Guy! is essential for any business owner weather a small business to a franchise all the way up to corporate jobs. Why wouldn’t you want to have someone to provide you a service, or to be readily available for any situation. Remember with Guy! you have a guy for everything!

How Does Guy! Work?

Guy! simply works better the more you use it, the more you use Guy! your account is now connected to that service, employee, or whatever it might be. Your account will establish a network or community within the community/network their is everyone you have used through Guy!. You can see new services from those individuals, special discounts, pictures of recent work and many more.