Welcome to Gyfta! Gifting inspiration from the heart.  We've revolutionised gift tracking to say thank you the easy way.

Gyfta is a new business, founded in October 2013, currently based in a home office in Sydney, Australia and 100% owned by its founder Charlotte Healey who loves nothing more than sharing her thanks with personal gifts and cards.  

The idea of Gyfta came about after Charlotte was inundated with gifts for her son from friends and family for occasions such as Birthdays, Easter and Christmas.  On receipt of gifts, what followed was days, weeks and sometimes months, trying to get around to saying or sending a 'thank you'.  Being a busy, full time working mum made it even more of a challenge to remember who bought Charlotte's son what, let alone who to send a thank you too. And thats where the Gyfta App can help you organise and keep track of gifts in one convenient and simple place.

Gyfta is all about making gifting easy and inspiring.  The first of the products from the Gyfta portfolio is the Gyfta App, available worldwide on the iPhone Mobile App Store. Future plans are in place for online and bricks & mortar store to celebrate and enhance the opportunities within the gifting and greetings sector.