Gyrene Burger Co. is a military themed hamburger quick-service restaurant. The Gyrene Burger restaurant offers three great burgers, Coke and seasoned fries. For Gyrene Burger, the emphasis is on service and quality.

If Gyrene Burgers are anything, they are fresh. The ground Angus beef is never frozen, sesame seeds buns are baked daily, and the lettuce is leafed and the tomatoes sliced every morning.

The delivery radius of each store is about 1.5 miles, which helps keep the target delivery average down to 10 minutes.  Although not guaranteed, the overarching delivery target is 15 minutes or less, 90% of the time.

Gyrene, a nickname for Marines that comes from combining GI and Marine, is also the name of the Ave Maria University athletic teams. Gyrene Burger will support the Ave Maria Foundation by providing scholarships for the bright young leaders of tomorrow.

Gyrene Burger Co. was founded by Thomas S. Monaghan in the summer of 2011. While it may seem like a new idea, it has been on his mind since the very beginning of Domino’s Pizza, of course, back then it was called DomiNick’s. Domino’s Pizza was born in 1960, and now has over 9,000 stores in 60 countries and all 50 U.S. states. It is with that illustrious background that Mr. Monaghan is currently building the foundation for Gyrene Burger Company.

The Bottom Line: Great Burgers Are Standard Issue