About Us
H2OSatellite was established as Global Technology in 1998 by ex-seafarers with a vision of providing products to solve mariners’ communication problems.  By concentrating on three pillars of Products, Independence and Customer Support, H2OSatellite has built a vast and varied customer list, operating ships as diverse as container ships and tug boats, oil tankers and fishing boats, bulk carriers and supply vessels.

The business prides itself on providing absolute best in class service.  From the Sales Team and Consultants to the Installation Engineers and the always available Support Team, H2OSatellite will never become a faceless corporation. It remains focused on providing ‘technology with a human face’.

H2OSatellite is independent of all air time suppliers and can supply the best solution to all your needs.  Working with Inmarsat and Iridium, European and International VSAT providers, there is an airtime solution for every requirement.  This means you can change airtime provider, equipment and software without effecting operation.

Products and Solutions
H2OSatellite offer specialist software products providing services such as email, anti-virus and data synchronization, all of which are independent of the satellite system. Hardware solutions such as the H2OUptime server are also on offer.