For years Lake Wedowee has been a great place for summer vacations. The community is friendly and local businesses truly appreciate the visitors that come year after year. H2O ZONE was created to fill a void at Lake Wedowee, the company now offers high-performance watercraft for rent to the general public. Visitors and lake homeowners alike have access to Yamaha VX Cruiser Deluxe - Waverunners.

With the rental options H2O ZONE offers, people can spend a few hours on the lake or even explore it for several days. H2O ZONE provides a fast and friendly service for people that do not own or have access to watercraft.

If you have questions you are encouraged to visit the website www.h2ozone.net

Come to Lake Wedowee and enjoy the lake. The summer is just beginning and H2O ZONE looks forward to helping you any way they can.