Since 1989, H2O Care Home, Inc. has earned the trust of over 8,000 satisfied residential customers in the New England region because we understand water problems that are specific to this region. Whether your home’s water comes from a private well or is town or city supplied, we can make it safer and better for drinking, bathing and cooking.  We combine water technology expertise with licensed, Master & Journeyman plumbers for a complete, professional job with a well-trained, attentive service staff to optimize the life and proper functioning of your system.  We are not a franchise and can choose the best available equipment and technology on the market to address your specific water quality issues. We are often presented with new technologies which we review for potential effective applications.

Water filtration systems that produce clean drinking water can be installed almost anywhere, from point of entry to under-sink systems.

City and town water departments are monitored by the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and are required to test and provide safe drinking water to its customers. The quality levels, in terms of aesthetics and mineral content, vary from town to town. While municipal supplies are generally safer, there are limitations as to what your town can do to provide you with the level of water quality that you may personally desire.

Essentially, homeowners with private well water are their own water utility supplier. We highly recommend that you get an annual comprehensive water test from a certified laboratory.   We can test for certain contaminants, but health threats should go to certified labs, with which we can assist.

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