HAPPYneuron is a division of Scientific Brain Training (SBT) group founded in 2000 by three visionary French scientists who hold complementary backgrounds:

Bernard Croisile, MD, PhD Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Bernard Croisile is a respected neurologist and neuropsychologist. He has written several hundred peer-reviewed articles for scientific publications, papers, and book chapters on Aging and Cognition. Dr. Croisile has also spoken at hundreds of professional conferences on the prevention of dementia and age-related cognitive decline.

Michel Noir, Ph.D. Educational Sciences. Dr. Michel Noir plays an important role in the educational theory behind brain fitness, as well as the creativity necessary to make brain training fun. Dr. Noir received his Ph.D. in Educational Science and post graduate diploma in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Lyon, France. He received his Graduate Diploma, Advanced Graduate Diploma, and Master's in Public Law from Paris Law Faculty. He also holds an Advanced Graduate Diploma in Political Science. Dr. Noir has authored over 15 books on a variety of educational and brain training topics and games.

Franck Tarpin-Bernard, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer. Dr. Franck Tarpin-Bernard is instrumental in taking the science and creativity of the scientific team members and transforming their ideas as innovative, engaging and challenging brain fitness solutions, including the performance tracking and personalized coaching tools. Dr. Tarpin-Bernard also serves as Professor in Computer Science at the National Institute of Applied Science of Lyon and has published numerous peer-reviewed journal papers and book chapters. He graduated first in his class in engineering from Ecole Centrale de Lyon and later received a Ph.D in computer engineering, also from Ecole Centrale de Lyon.
The combination of their skills formed the development of HAPPYneuron more than 10 years ago. HAPPYneuron was a pioneer of Brain Fitness at that time.

Today brain training is well accepted as part of a balanced way of life to help keep the brain fit in order to fight the impact of aging and especially the onset of dementia or Alzheimer disease.

Our vision and mission

Vision: Brain Fitness with the pleasure to train the brain, fighting cognitive decline & improve Quality of life.

Mission: To combine technologies and state-of-the-art knowledge in Cognitive Neurosciences to offer to all adults, seniors and kids tailored-made solutions* to stimulate their cognitive capacities (memory, concentration, logic, language or visual and spatial skills) and improve their performance.
* Our solutions have been scientifically validated and rely on rigorously scientific bases.