Hot Beaches Cool Jams (HBCJ) Entertainment is an entertainment and event planning company that sets the bar for the entertainment and event planning industry. The team focuses on the most important part of having any successful event. The preplanning process is one of the most important steps in any successful event. We evaluate your event, your area and your goals to put a concise pre-thought out plan with a growth vision to ensure that your event is successful. We have heard it over and over again that the first year event is the hardest. That may be true from a promotion and logistic standpoint, but why should that hit you in your pocketbook.

Have you heard this before???.... "First year events you are lucky if you breakeven!".....Well is that what you want to hear? The power of a successful event is the teams drive to be successful not lets just breakeven! Our team is energetic and passionate about what we do and we will bring it! HBCJ Entertainment focuses early on setting things up right by preplanning every aspect of your event. Creating a comprehensive plan that will ensure that each member of the team is on the same page including you the customer. We will monitor the plan and ensure that you the customer are in the know the entire time.

Our vision and mission is laser focused on the entertainment business and will bring your venue to the next level.

Let us take a look at your venue today to take your events to the next level!

"hurdles are in our everyday life. The height of these hurdles can be large or small, but with visionary and goal oriented thinking they are just speed bumps in the middle of the road. Use these short pauses in life to regroup, plan and then put the hammer down until there is another one to cross!" - Greg Britton CEO - Hot Beaches Cool Jams Entertainment