The very foundation of our league focuses on affordable family-oriented entertainment aimed at providing the core fan base with an exciting and professional product. In our markets, teams will partner with local Parks and Recreation Departments, grade schools, middle schools, high schools as well as colleges and universities for the purpose of weaving this exciting product into the fabric of the community. The HBCUBA will provide platforms to motivate and ultimately reward local youth for academic achievement. Our Intern Program offers internships for a wide variety of degree plans such as; marketing, public relations, advertising, sales, administrative, secretarial, videography, photography, graphic and web design and more. The real-life experience students receive through our program allows them to put classroom theory into practice and gain an understanding of the business world that will carry over to any corporate position or business venture they choose to pursue. The HBCUBA is also designed to create jobs within the local community for qualified individuals interested in working for a professional sports organization. The partnerships forged between the HBCUBA and local businesses and organizations ensure that the community is afforded all the social and ultimately monetary benefits, minor league professional basketball can bring to the local community. “Support The Movement”