The software allows professional and amateur photographers to extract stills from video clips and turn them into high quality photos, even if the moving scene is shot in bad lightning conditions.
HDRinstant makes it easy to capture the famous “decisive moment” which is, according to Cartier Bresson, the mark of great photography. This new technique together with 4K video, we call it "Lucky Imaging".

HDRinstant has been developed to help professional and hobbyist photographers/videographers in all types of scenes. For instance the software particularly improves the shooting for aerial, wildlife and wedding photography. In addition to working with video clips, HDRinstant also works with series of camera images shot in high-speed burst mode.

The software is from now on a Freemium model, with three different versions.
    - The free version allows extracting images from a video, computes sharpness, and applies a tone mapping algorithm.  
    - The Light version adds new functions to improve image quality, such as good exposure, color rendering, sharpness, and offers 3 different tone mappings using more presets.
    - The Professional version gives access to HDR image creation. This High Dynamic Range imaging patented algorithm uses the neighboring frames of your favorite image to get the best from your video footage.

The software features some new items:
•     Improved design and ergonomics
•     Reduced computational time
•     More tone mapping algorithms

HDRinstant is a standalone for Windows and Mac. A single user-license for the Light version costs $25(US) and the Professional version costs $89(US). Currently, the Professional version is available at special introductory price of $49(US) until December the 31st, 2015.

For more information, or to download the trial, visit http://hdrinstant.com

The press kit, containing all press materials like photos, is available at http://hdrinstant.com/pr-dec15

About us: HDRinstant software is developed by HDRlog sarl. CEO doctor Jacques Joffre is an experienced photographer and co-founder of Photomatix Software.