Doctor Headlight is the nation’s leading headlight restoration franchise and licensor, specializing in automotive headlight restoration. Doctor Headlight’s patented headlight restoration process is the only system that guarantees to restore any failed headlight to 100% like new, regardless of its current condition. Doctor Headlight is so confident our process works that we offer the industry’s only lifetime replacement warranty. If your headlight restoration fails you get brand new factory headlights installed by your nearest new car dealer and we will cover 100% of the cost.

We are the only company to offer a replacement warranty because we know our systemworks. Doctor Headlight’s system is not a cleaner; it is a restoration process that goes beyond all current conventional polishing and kit based cleaning processes to address issues that were previously impossible to correct.  Rock chips, sand pitting, dry cracks, oxidation, tarnishing, internal water damage, internal HID haze, failed seals, and internal condensation can now all be addressed within one of our 60 minute  appointments.

Whether you live in the central or northern states and are experiencing pitting from sand and road salt blasting away the factory’s headlight lens protective layer or in the southern states and are experiencing oxidation and yellowing as a result of prolonged exposure to damaging UV rays the end result is the same: cloudy, ugly unsafe headlights. Call the Doctor.

Doctor Headlight is the nation’s only headlight restoration franchise offering franchise quality business opportunities to individuals and small business owners. With a comprehensive support system typically found only in franchise opportunities. Doctor Headlight’s success lies in its support system and infrastructure; on-site training, commercial account assistance, legal and accounting services-- The key components will lay the foundation for your success, as you travel the road toward financial independence.

How does a full ROI within the second month sound? Doctor Headlight dealers typically command between two and three times the price point over competitors per restoration. Our dealers command more money for three reasons, brand recognition, guaranteed 100% new quality of finish, and the industries only replacement warranty. Customers understand value, and Doctor Headlight is committed to providing the very best.

Doctor Headlight is a national headlight restoration franchise. Unlike individual’s offering small business opportunities with little or no support, as a Doctor Headlight dealer you will have access to Doctor Headlights infrastructure.

To match the combined acumen of Doctor Headlights resources you would have to be proficient in Corporate Law, Accounting, Administrative Services, Retail Sales, Web Design, Corporate Sales and more… You will receive actual equipment, materials, and support. Not a bunch of headlight restoration kits or a buffer and polishing wax with instuctions. Buffing processes & clear coat kits do not last. Doctor Headlight offers the industry’s only Lifetime Replacement Warranty for a reason.

We offer a replacement warranty because our system works! If you are looking for a hassle free money making opportunity — this is it!