As early as 1991, Doc Harmony knew that there was a different way, a better way to become, to be healthy. The allopathic community had continuously been disappointing her for years but it wasn’t until they took advantage of her health insurance and son that she had the courage to do things differently.

She used ear candles out of a necessity to heal her son, after the allopathic community had failed them. Her son had ear infections continuously for over 6 months.  From this experience, she discovered many more choices and options for her family. Realizing that health was such a personal decision, she knew it was of the utmost importance that people had a chance to choose products that were not only healthy for them but also effective.

Harmony's Ear Candles, OSIMagnesium Topicals (body butters, lotions, gels, oils and flakes), Harmony's Essential Oils, Harmony's Beard Oils, BodyTox Lavender Foot Patches, Sovereign Silver and other support products have rounded out their health lifestyle in a complementary way. Harmony is dedicated to being your one place that you can trust to do research that will be educational for you and your family.  She desires to make your life easier by finding great products that are backed by science and experience and share this information with you.  She is committed to sharing information gathered from those respected in our community and helping your life to be Healthier with more Energy that supports and Amazing Life!