HET USA offers homeowners, property managers, and service professionals the benefits of ground-breaking technologies, products, and delivery methods. Solutions the check-writer will approve, and building occupants will love.

Our products and services will reduce energy consumption, improve indoor air quality and occupant comfort , while minimizing costs associated with equipment maintenance and replacement.

We feature two lines of products: Goldmorr Mold Remediation and Micro Cleaning Systems, and ERI Energy Productivity Coatings.

The Goldmorr System offers non-intrusive mold remediation, cost and time effectively. It also can be used to clean boats and personal contents, as well as on exterior surfaces like siding and asphalt shingle roofs.

ERI is a line of nanotechnology coatings for solar panels, windows, and a/c/ and refrigeration with immediate impacts and solid payback.

We certify and support independent technicians in the use of each product and are developing a network of North American service companies.