We are a family owned and run business in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. We saw a great opportunity to bridge the gap between traditional Chinese way of doing business and the expectations of proper customer service by the West. Because let's admit it -  this situation does require a lot of bridging !
Our values are simple. Help our customers build their distribution and retail businesses. And what does a customer need to grow? A constant and reliable source of product to sell, zero headaches when it comes to quality control here in China, and someone who understands the customer's moods and needs.
That's it. We work with you the way you want to be worked with. Buy little, buy more, sell , grow your distribution, brick-and-mortar, or e-Bay and Amazon business!
We now sell wholesale to The Americas ( the U.S, of course, is a big market) ,  the Middle East , Europe, and while doing this we help all of our partners employ hundreds of people around the globe!