Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) was founded by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 2000 with the mission of enhancing Hong Kong’s competitiveness in technology-based industries through applied research.

ASTRI’s R&D efforts traverse four interrelated areas namely Communications Technologies, IC Design, Sensing & Integration and Software & Systems. An Exploratory Research Laboratory was also set up in 2011 to perform research on emerging and interdisciplinary technologies.

In 2006, ASTRI was designated the Hong Kong Research and Development Centre for Information and Communications Technologies by the Innovation and Technology Commission. In 2012, ASTRI received the approval from the Ministry of Science and Technology to establish the first Hong Kong Branch of National Engineering Research Centre. Working closely with Southeast University in Nanjing, the centre focuses its R&D efforts on the application of specific integrated circuit system.

After more than a decade of dedication to customer-focused R&D, ASTRI has built a rich portfolio of intellectual properties and nurtured many research talent for the industry. It has also succeeded in creating economic impact by transferring new technologies to its customers in Hong Kong, the Mainland and the region.

Backed by an impressive track record as well as its current resources, ASTRI is looking forward to becoming one of the leading and most influential R&D centres in the region with commitment, dedication and confidence.

For further information about ASTRI, please visit www.astri.org.