closer2GOD Mission Statement

HOY zone, Inc (EIN 93-1872841), is a 501(c)3 public charity that empowers individuals to enrich their lives by connecting with the true GOD through the original Bible and its code. Our commitment lies in educating people using stylish and contemporary methods, nurturing higher spirituality, and guiding them toward leading more purposeful lives. With every purchase you make, you’re contributing a 70% donation. Through our nonprofit, in collaboration with the Original Bible Foundation, code2GOD, and Holy Land Man, a portion of the proceeds is directed to support terminally ill cancer patients, code2GOD Bible studies, and promoting the original Bible.

All the human-translated “Bibles” originated from the only one original Bible, which is the WORD OF GOD: one string of 1,197,000 Hebrew letters that is coded with GOD’s messaging to humanity but is not convenient to read. The original Bible was created by adding spaces to divide it into 305,490 words, 23,206 verses, 929 chapters, and 39 books. Source: code2GOD.org