HP Global Brands, is a recognize Importer/Exporter of Quality Beer, Wine and Spirits. Also Manufacturer of InShape Mixes and InShape Syrups of  Building strategies to promote and market products effectively in diversified cultures and countries around the world and in United States.

We believe in our brand and invest along side our partners in the development process. Each Brand is carefully studied and strategies are built for its success in its new territories. Being a boutique Brand company helps us be more dynamic on our marketing campaign and focus on what’s working.

We are a logistics, Sales, compliance and Marketing company.


Wine & Spirits, Brand Development, Import & Export, Marketing, Marketing

InShape Mixes:

Eleven (11) InShape Cocktail Mixes - 6 InShape Gourmet Syrups..que mas quires!

Green Apple Martini Mix
Blue Island Mix
Coconut Mix
Light Cranberry Mix
Lychee Martini Mix
Margarita Mix
Coconut Margarita Mix
Mango Margarita Mix
Strawberry Margarita Mix
Pina Colada Mix
Strawberry Daiquiri Mix

With a mild work out, eating and drinking conservatively everyone can reach great results in there diet.

InShape Mixes are not part of a diet but just a way to enjoy your favorite cocktails without compromising too many calories. One regular Margarita drink can contain more than 300 calories per serving while InShape Margarita can be as little as 100 calories.

Sugar Free and Low Calorie Drinks continue to grow in todays wine and spirits market our InShape Mixes fits right in to with exactly what consumers are looking for.

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