.  Now an Automated resume screening systems and software are growing in popularity. Statics says that in coming years nearly most of the organization would increase their use of automated resume screening.
HRtray helps to seek the ideal candidates. The primary advantage of HRtray is that it helps to save time and cost. It helps to find top tier candidates first through piles of emails and resumes from unqualified candidates. This helps to reach out to the right candidates before competitors or other companies do.
Here are some benefits of using HR Tray while selecting candidates
1.     Saves your time – Turnaround time and amount of work is more, when profiling is done manually. From piles of resumes, sorting right candidates within minutes helps recruiters and HR managers to save time and cost
2.     Reduce Mentally Taxing and Fatigue - Screening huge volume of resumes within an allocated time gives mental pressure and tiredness which makes your search limit on few points (e.g. Name, Organization, Experience, Education and Previous company details) this has a chance to ignore the skilled candidate.  HRtray change the way recruiters examine, screen and engage candidates.  It is fully automated and Robotic system with real time dynamic filtering.
3.     Eliminate Biases- HRtray does its process with no personal biases. It makes unbiased ranking between talent and career opportunity. It removes the “personal” aspect in recruiting, it is intended to help recruiters decide better and faster
4.     KYE- HRtray helps recruiters to know the social insights of candidates using advance data science, AI and machine learning technology. It makes you understand the social presence of the candidate and also helps to retrieve social images of candidates with 100% relevant data
5.     Eliminate manual errors –With intelligent assessment, HRtray helps to eliminate manual errors and gives accurate results.
HRtray is integrated with three products. These three works uniquely offering an automated solution to screen a load of resumes in real time, helps to learn from and respond to user feedback, helps you to use social insights to know your employee/candidate and also an option to integrate with your company website. The combination of these three tools serves your candidate selection process with ease and effective.

HRtray gives quality hires by analyzing all candidate data source and hidden insights. It uses AI to identify candidates who will stay longer and perform better. It makes you more efficient and helps to automate the recruiting process, thereby saving your time, which can alternatively be used for other productive HR functions.