1.     Screening loads of Resumes in Real Time  
Our AI-powered technology screens and shortlists right candidates from large pool of resumes in real time without disrupting your workflow
2.     Candidate Behavioral Analysis
HR TRAY learns candidate personal attributes and additional insights using Data science and enables you to find right candidate for your organizational culture
3.     Respond & Learn from user feedback
Based on user feedback HR TRAY will learn and apply the knowledge to automatically rank and grade the strongest candidates
4.     Liberate yourself from classifying resumes
Gives best performance from unorganized set of resume as rummaging through these folders manually is not required
5.     Eliminate Manual Error
To err is human, but our automated tool makes intelligent assessment of the resumes with accuracy and precision.
6.     Free from Mental fatigue
Our automated system eliminates mental taxing caused by manual process of shuffling around bulk resumes
7.     Manage Time Effectively
Automate your resume screening and save your time which can be used to make impressive improvement in productivity
8.     Find the Right Candidate
Automation of the hiring process makes it well organized and efficient as the tool screens every single resume and rank right candidates, which enhances the productivity of entire team.
9.     Eliminate Human bias
Eradicate all human biases and make entire recruiting judgments based on ranks

10.     Cross side network effect
An organization will get many resumes automatically, as when candidates try to match their resumes with your JD