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Huffington Post quote 8/4 "HUMMedia, an innovative, digital Media Agency led by Joy DiBenedetto and Donnetta Campbell that translates "word of net" onto a truly global stage"

HUMMedia is focusing on closing the geographic strategic gap in CSR communications along with digital powerhouse www.engagesimply.com. Employing the HUMMedia vision we have created the H/U/M CSR CO-OP goal to create a powerful group of like-minded companies, individuals and organizations as a socially responsible web of trusted associations and alliances who share complementary skills and core beliefs which do good for the world and HUMMedia has created powerful social media platforms/products that also benefit a variety of audiences, clients and partners.

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Organize a "Meetup"
To woo younger clients, executives at Manhattan’s Pierre Hotel came up with Twitter strategy called the "#sangriasocial." The goal: to get media-savvy bloggers to spend a weeknight at their bar and then spread the word over Twitter. The Pierre asks some official hosts (bloggers and public relations types) to work their networks and fill the room. Anyone who tweeted about the event while on-site got a free sangria. Donnetta Campbell, a publicist and one of the hosts, said The Pierre quickly saw a younger crowd at its bar afterward. For more ideas about using Twitter to generate business, check out "Twenty-One Top Twitter Tips."

And this is just the beginning. More and more, "Judy Consumer" will activate the power of the Trust Web in other, interesting business ways too. An example of this trend is a group called "CSR Co-op" (Corporate Social Responsibility) founded by Donnetta Campbell. It is a rare combination of about 8 different companies like Birds Nest Foundation founded by Avis Gold Richards that produces creative Public Service Announcements (PSAs) and short videos for charitable organizations; HUMMedia, an innovative, digital Media Agency led by Joy DiBenedetto that translates "word of net" onto a truly global stage; and Natalie Petouhoff -- Chief strategist at Weber Shandwick among others. The goal of the CSR Co-op is to:

...create a group of powerful like-minded companies and individuals to help build support for a foundation that ... can propel the CSR message forward through business and events that raise awareness and funds under the roof of one solid foundation."
This co-op is novel because it is a group of companies each with a specific technology specialty; production, digital publicity, social media, direct response, content producers et al who agree to collaborate on projects thus becoming a powerful digital and social media marketing machine to promote important social issues or agendas. These idealistic ventures are being created by women -- not men, (but somehow, I doubt that surprised anyone of you -- now does it)."

Harvard Nieman Lab talks Joy DiBenedetto HUM News News
"Another new business, HUM: Human Unlimited Media, Worldwide (HUM), was founded by a longtime broadcast executive to create a brain trust of all those working on the frontlines. Joy Dibenedett...o discovered that mainstream media, when it covered foreign news at all, was focusing on just 121 of the world’s 237 countries — basically only half of the world. The result is that 116 countries, what the company has termed the “Geographic Gap”™ in media, goes uncovered. The irony is that these countries are host to the world’s emerging markets and home to the fastest growing populations. With the goal of becoming the world’s wire service, HUM uses low-cost technologies and a network of journalists, NGOs and academics on the ground in the developing world to provide stories from the Geographic Gap that most of the media have missed. It gathers these stories in a centralized hub which journalists, corporations or individuals can access for news feeds, raw video, or packaged and produced stories."See More
Kimberly Abbott: Working together, NGOs and journalists can create stronger international reporting.

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