HWind Scientific provides mission critical hurricane information to businesses and government agencies. We monitor and analyze hurricanes in realtime, conducting objective, observation based analyses of the extent and locations of damaging winds. We provide tropical cyclone impact information solutions to clients in the insurance, reinsurance, risk modeling, and emergency services industries. We also conduct consulting and partner with the research community to provide Real-time and post storm wind field products.

Our services are built on HWind, the Real-time Hurricane Analysis System that was invented by our founder, Dr. Mark Powell when he worked at NOAA's Hurricane Research Division. NOAA's Office of Technology Transfer assigned the rights for Hwind to Dr. Powell in the winter of 2014 and Hwind Scientific was formed soon after.

After its founding, HWind Scientific set it's sights on providing real time hurricane wind data to a broader audience, hoping to make our powerful, predictive information more readily available to the insurance industry, risk mitigation companies, business owners, and homeowners themselves.

We provide real-time, objective, observation-based hurricane data for decision support, situational awareness, and emergency services.

Our products are based on Wind Data: both real-time (as a storm approaches) and historical, so that you can compare the current situation with what has happened before in a given area. Our patented storm destructive potential scale technology accurately depicts both intense compact hurricanes and low-intensity, broad wind field storms capable of forcing storm surge and wave impacts.