The Hachiko Smart Sensor and App allows you to connect with your dog in a whole new way and give them the best care possible. Our smart sensor attaches with ease to any dog collar and connects to an app on your iPhone. Hachiko celebrates the fun of being a dog parent, while giving you the tools and the space to make sure your dog is always cared for. Through Hachiko you will receive messages from your dog throughout the day. The sensor automatically monitors and tracks their activity, and you can input additional information such as feeding, treats and medicine, set daily activity goals, upload and share comments and photo’s, and much more. Easy to use and hassle free, Hachiko runs on a single battery for 12 months, and is 100% waterproof. Hachiko provides you with the ultimate tool to manage, coordinate and share your dog’s care - it’s like a best friend, for your best friend.